Language qualification

Language qualification

language qualificationIf you want to work in an airline company, it is useful to acquire English qualification as well.
Especially it is essential for those who want to work mainly with international flights.

First of all, it is the Eiken exam.
Eiken is a qualification to comprehensively judge the level of English divided into ranks from grade 5 to grade 1.
If you want to aim at the aviation industry, at least Level 2 or higher is mandatory.

TOEIC is a test internationally called English standard, Spanish Translation Services which measures the score between 10 and 990 points.
There are also a lot of people receiving it in conjunction with the English examination, and if you want to work in an airline company you will be asked for at least 600 points.
It is held eight times a year, and since you can submit the highest score as your qualification, some people take it every year for the purpose of scores up.

Besides this, there are verification of words of various countries.
Indeed, those who can handle multilingual languages become appealing materials, but considering the time and effort required to master a single language, you should also intensively train one language.
If you can handle the languages of countries that are often used in airlines where you want to work, the possibilities for recruitment will increase.
First of all, it is thought that studying thinking to take a high score at TOEIC should study.

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